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Xabier Sarasola

Beasain, Guipúzcoa 1960

Xavier Sarasola combines his work as a violin and choir teacher with that of choirmaster, choir singer and composer. He sings in both the "Orfeón Donostiarra" and the vocal group “Kea”, dedicated to 20th century music. He was Choirmaster for the Guipuzcoan Youth Choir and member of the Technical Committee of the Federation of Choirs of Guipuzcoa. His work covers both instrumental and choir music.

Works of Xabier Sarasola

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ChoralCMD.2.0290Bi gabon kantaSA, Tpt1, Tpt2, Tpa, Tbn2,3 €
ChoralCM.2.0180Pueri HebraeorumSSAA2.40 €
ChoralCM.2.0144Zure BozaSATB2.25 €
ChoralCM.2.0046IzarapeanSSAA2.40 €
ChoralCM.2.0044Veni Creator SpiritusSSAA-SSAA2.40 €
ChoralCMD.2.0322Tres cantosSATB2,3 €
ChoralCMD.2.0317Salve0 €
ChoralCM.2.0253Alboradas de bodaSATB2.70 €
ChoralCM.2.0217Basatxoritxu0 €
ChoralCMD.2.0321Atxia motxiaSSAFREE
ChoralCM.2.0178Haizeak dakarSA, pno2.70 €
ChoralCMD.2.0289Hiru gabon kantaSA, Fl1, Fl2, ViI, ViII, Vla, Vc2,3 €
ChoralCM.2.0062Anton eta PeruSA,Fl,pno2.40 €
ChoralCM.2.0280Bi kanta eta dantza batSATB2.70 €
ChoralCM.2.0264Ut queant laxis…SATB1.55 €
ChoralCMD.2.0284Eguberriko IguzkiSSA, Org2,3 €
ChoralCM.2.0055Pater nosterSA piano2.40 €
ChoralCM.2.0179Pange LinguaSSA, 2fl, pno2.70 €
ChoralCM.2.0263ErrukarriaSATB2.40 €
ChoralCM.2.0186Ave IesuSS, 2 Trpa, pno2.70 €

CMD.2.0317Xabier SarasolaSalve
CM.2.0217Xabier SarasolaBasatxoritxu