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José María Usandizaga

San Sebastián 1887-1915

Born in San Sebastian in 1887. He first started out in music with his mother, who was a remarkable pianist, and then continued his training with Germán Cendoya and Beltrán Pagola. After following a curriculum set by pianist Francis Planté he enrolled in the Schola Cantorum in Paris in 1901. A joint injury kept him away from the piano, so he devoted himself entirely to composing. He studied composition with Vincent d'Indy. While in Paris, he developed a strong friendship with Jesús Guridi. He returned to San Sebastian when he was 19, where the environment at the time was conducive to lyrical music. He composed the opera Mendi Mendiyan, which premiered in Bilbao in 1910. The lyrical drama, Las Golondrinas (The Swallows), enjoyed a successful premiere in Madrid in 1914. His third lyrical play, La llama (The Flame), was almost finished when he died in 1915, at the age of 28.

In addition to his lyrical operas, he wrote music for piano, organ, chamber, choir and also symphonic music (Hassan and Melihah, Suite en La, Hirurak Bat, etc.) and symphonic-choral music (Umezurtza).

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