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Mariano Jiménez

Tudela, Navarra 1970

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ChoralCMD.2.0407Galai bat etorri zanSATB1.25 €
ChoralCMD.2.0408Zu Ama birjinaSATB1.25 €NEW
ChoralCM.2.0409Matsarno gozoarenSATB2.16 €
ChoralCM.2.0237Oies errondan dabilSATB1,3 €
ChoralCM.2.0199Tres Melodias VascasSATB-SSAA2,02 €
ChoralCM.2.0197Con tomillo y romeroSSAA1,3 €
ChoralCM.2.0239Ia dirade irurogei urteSATB1,3 €
ChoralCM.2.0240Goizetan Yelgitzen daSATB1,3 €
ChoralCM.2.0210Quando corpus morieturSSAA1,3 €
ChoralCM.2.0236Ave Verum CorpusSSA1,3 €
ChoralCM.2.0211The Parting GlassVoz, pno1,3 €
ChoralCM.2.0238Goazen lagunSATB1,3 €
ChoralCM.2.0225Ave MariaSATB1,3 €
ChoralCMD.2.0244Kanta kanta dezagunSATBFREE
ChoralCM.2.0215Orriak airez aireSdiv,pno1,3 €
ChoralCM.2.0206PlegariaSSAA2,02 €
ChoralCM.2.0267ZurekinSAA, pno2,02 €
ChoralCM.2.0198Herri huntanSATB1,3 €

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