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Joseba Torre Alonso

Bilbao, Bizkaia 1968

Joseba Torre combines his work as a versatile and prolific composer with that of orchestra conductor. He began to study music in his home town of Bilbao and later moved first to Paris (National Superior Conservatory of Music) and then to Pittsburgh (Carnegie Mellon University), where he continued his studies in composition and the conducting of orchestras.

His composition catalogue is made up of instrumental pieces – symphonic, chamber and vocal. He has also written electroacoustic music and music for Ballet (Heavenly Body).

His work has been performed in some of the most important music festivals in Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Portugal and Cuba. He has received assignments from different European Institutions, and has been awarded various international prizes for his compositions.

CM are in the process of publishing some of his choral compositions – his version of “Agur Jaunak” – his symphonic work (Presencias y Memoria) and chamber music (No me quedan recuerdos).

Works of Joseba Torre Alonso

CM.1.0019Joseba Torre AlonsoArgia eta itzala
CM.1.0018Joseba Torre AlonsoQuatuor a cordesString Quartet