Cuarteto en Sol nº 1

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Scoring:String Quartet
Shifts:I. Allegro, II. Vivace, III. Adagio, non tropo lento. IV Allegro
Collection:Euskal Musikagileak
Instrument. Parts:Included


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The Quartet in G, composed in 1933, was dedicated to the Belgian Pro Arte Quartet, which gave its premiere at the Bilbao Philharmonic Society on 15th December 1934. A year and a half later it was performed in Madrid by the AMIS Quartet, a few weeks before the military uprising that led to the Civil War. The lack of a reference to major or minor in the title is appropriate, because although there are moments at which one or other prevails, the overall impression is one of a certain modal inconclusiveness whose old-fashioned character adds to the traditional patina with which the work as a whole is overlaid.

The opening movement is in standard sonata form, with two subjects whose treatment and development clearly demonstrate Guridi’s technical ability. The second, a scherzo, features a lively country dance tune which even prevails in the slower, more melancholy central trio. In the Adagio Guridi yields to pure melodic inspiration: serene and expressive, the movement boasts episodes of great beauty. The Allegro finale, meanwhile, is vibrant and rhythmic and applies variation technique to what is, almost, rondo form.

Carlos Magán


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El tíulo que figura en este disco "Lehen hari-Kuartetoa, Sol-ean", es la traduccíón al euskera del título original.