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Julen Ezkurra

Izarra, Alava 1930

Julen Ezcurra is a graduate in Philosophy and Theology. He began to study music in Alava and Valladolid, later moving to Paris where he studied Harmony and Composition with Narcis Bonet and Nadia Boulanger and then to Rome where he specialised in Gregorian chant, Musicology and Choir Direction.

He has a great knowledge of choral interpretation and, as a composer his work is centred mainly around vocal repertoire, both sacred and secular. As he himself states “My passion for conducting choirs makes my compositions be in function with the performance”

With an extensive curriculum as a choirmaster, he has conducted various choirs in both Spain and Latin America. In 1977, he founded the Basque Country University Choir, which he conducted until 1999.

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