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Vytautas Miskinis

(Lithuania) 1954

Acknowledged as one of the most interesting and widely interpreted composers of choral music in Europe, Vytautas Miskinis has written some 500 compositions, both religious and secular. As choirmaster, (he conducts the male voice choir Azuoliukas and is responsible for the vocal group Museum musicum) he has travelled throughout Europe and the USA.He has also given classes on choral direction and musical education throughout the whole world.

He is frequently invited to sit as member of the jury at the most important choral competitions in Europe. He is both the principal director and artistic director of the Lithuanian Choir Festival. His prolific musical work includes approximately a hundred sacred motets, a capella, 30 Masses, a Magnificat and 300 secular songs written mainly for childrens’ choirs. Many of his compositions are regularly included in the most important choir competitions in Europe and almost all his repertoire has been recorded at some time by various different choirs and published in many countries in Europe and America.

By mixing contemporary harmonies with elements of folk, his music acquires a special appeal and is widely accepted.

CM is in the process of editing his religious and secular compositions.

Works of Vytautas Miskinis

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